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    ?15 reasons why a ferret is better than a girlfriend:

    1. Ferrets are happy to play with themselves and let you watch.

    2. Ferrets don't care if you call them by some other ferret's name.

    3. The messier the house, the happier the ferret.

    4. Ferrets couldn't care less if you farted on them.

    5. If a ferret gets pregnant, you can sell the babies.

    6. Ferrets will not ask if they look fat.

    7. If a ferret smells another ferret on you, they just want to sniff.

    8. A ferret never expects you to call them the next day.

    9. A ferret doesn't demand you put the seat down.

    10. If a ferret leaves you, you can keep all your stuff.

    11. A ferret doesn't care if you bathe regularly . . . or at all.

    12. A ferret prefers a plastic bag over a diamond ring.

    13. A ferret will let you watch anything you like on TV.

    14. A ferret allows you to let the poop in the corner harden before cleaning.

    15. A ferret never wants to talk about your relationship.

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